EZ-Spanner™ Apparatus Tool Bracket

Part Number: 1234

The EZ-Spanner™ Apparatus Tool Bracket is made from high grade aluminum, designed to securely mount a combination of EZ-Spanner tools to an apparatus.  3 machined spring mounted clips allow for a firm and secure fit of the tools, along with an EZ-Quick Release when ready to use. The Bracket is designed to fit any apparatus for quick access to the tools.


• High Grade Anodized Aluminum

  • 3 Machined Catch Clips with EZ Thumb Grips

• Spring Catch and Release

• Multiple Mounting Options

• Secure fit that prevents tools from moving or falling out

• Choose the EZ Spanner tools of your choice to fit into the bracket


Dimensions / Weight:

  • Length:  17″
  • Width: 7″
  • Weight: 2.0 lbs

 Kit Options:

• #KIT-2001 2 Hole Extendable Handle

• #KIT-4001 4 Hole Extendable Handle

• #KIT-2200 2 Hole Standard Handle

• #KIT-4400 4 Hole Standard Handle

• #KIT-3001 2 Hole Compact Billy Goat

• #KIT-5001 5 Hole Non-Ratcheting

• #KIT-6001 Adjustable Spanner

*** All kits come with bracket, your choice of wrench and 2 Mini Goats