FAST Rescue Board

Part Number: 1234

FAST Rescue Board is the ultimate rescue platform, designed for versatility and ease of use. 

  • Rapid Intervention in Firefighter Rescue 
  • Confined Space 
  • Hazardous Material 
  • All Areas of Patient Packaging and Extrication 
  • Active Shooter Response 
  • Water and Ice Rescue

Configured with industry standard webbing and hardware. The innovative rapid packaging features can have your patient packaged and moving in seconds.  Watch the video on YouTube to see it in action.

  • Haul line with knots is 22’ in length. The rope is in compliance with NFPA1983 standard.
  • A multi-loop rescue strap with handling loops for both hands and 31kN carabiner is included.
  • Two color coded webbing straps for the horizontal lifting operation of the rescue board.
  • Total weight (including accessories): is 25 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 45” L x 18” W x 4.5” H. – Designed for maximum maneuverability in confined spaces.
  • FAST Board has 6 – 8” wide handles – Allows for two gloved hands to fit the handle for heavy loads.
  • 6” 45-degree side undercuts – provides a stable platform to combat rollovers from debris and allows the board to ride on its rail to facilitate a low radius turn.
  • Three recessed tracks on the bottom of FAST Board to increase strength and reduce friction.
  • The two Kevlar lashing straps pass the NFPA 1971/1981 flame test and heat test. They have a working load rating at 5.500 lbs.
  • XL Carabiner and a Tri-Link have a molded seat with fixed strap to hold their position on the board.
  • AWOGS decals with photo luminescence help with dark environment orientation.
    The multiple Velcro patches are used to secure the equipment to the board.
  • Scoope side design allows the injured person to be placed on the rescue board quickly and safely by a single operator.

FAST Board Rescue Brochure