Genesis 17C-SL3 Eforce Combination Tool

Part Number: ART.109.261.1

TSF Equipment is proud to partner with and offer Genesis Rescue Systems. Genesis is an Industry Leader in powered rescue tools. They incorporate brushless motor technology that’s said to help to reduce heat and to increase battery life on its complement of EFORCE SL3 extrication tools, including cutters, spreaders, rams (both push-pull and telescoping types) and combination tools.

Tool Description:

The Genesis 17C-SLC Eforce is the largest removeable tip “Combination” Battery-Hydraulic tool in the lineup. The tool offers three (3) different tip designs:

  • Door Opening (Provides the user with optimal grip in the smallest spaces)
  • Brute Tips (* Genesis’ strongest tip for brute force operation such as spreading, pealing and moving steel)
  • Tip Extensions (incorporates a Pin system that disallows pin separation when adjusting. No lost parts on scene)

Watch the video on YouTube to see it in action.

  • Length: 38.1”
  • Weight: 46.3 lbs
  • Cutting Opening: 13.5”
  • Spreading Width: 15.9”
  • Pulling Distance: 16.0”
  • Highest Spreading Force: 9,000 (lbf)
  • Highest Pulling Force: 12,825 (lbf)
  • Nominal Pressure: 10,000 (psi)
  • Power: Milwaukee Battery (28v)

Genesis eForce Brochure