Key Hose TRU-ID Attack Hose

Part Number: KEY-TRU

The Key Hose, TRU-ID, double-jacketed attack hose delivers targeted application rates with reduced kink, minimal nozzle whip and specific friction loss–the first and only “true internal diameter” hose specifically for front line/heavy duty fire fighting. TRU-ID hand lines are designed for use with low pressure/high volume nozzles, delivering targeted flow rates.

From coast-to-coast, fire departments put out the call for an attack line that will deliver tried and true performance. A hose that will deliver targeted application rates with reduced kink, minimal nozzle whip and specific friction loss. Introducing TRU-ID, the first and only true internal diameter hose specifically designed for combat fire fighting.  Classic performance in an innovative design and rugged construction guaranteed to withstand the rigors of the fire ground. Seize the power of targeted flows with command and control performance, specify TRU-ID.

  • Meets NFPA 1961 Standards
  • Available in all NFPA colors (Clear Coat White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Black & Tan)
  • Hose furnished under these specifications will have a potential service life and warranty of 10 years, barring mistreatment that would render it unfit for service
  • Double jacket hose manufactured is tightly woven with filament polyester yarn in the filler and ring spun polyester yarn in the warp of both the inside and outside jackets
  • The hose is resistant to most chemicals and petrol products and resist deterioration due to exposure to UV rays and ozone.  Hose shall not be affected by rot or mildew
  • The finished inside diameter of TRU-ID hose shall be 1.75″ and 2.50″ respectively, with a tolerance of 1.2% when measured according to UL-19 standards.
  • TRU-ID is coupled with 6061-T6 extruded aluminum threaded couplings