Ladder Light Illuminating End Caps for Ladders


Ladder Light Illuminating End Caps for Ladders

Part Number: 1234

Ladder Light allows firefighters to identify ladder locations quickly.
  • It incorporates an array of strobing green beacon lights, increasing visibility in smoke, darkness, and flames while illuminating a safe path to departure.
  • A high-intensity white LED adds visibility to the departure area so you can step safely.
  • The Ladder Light integrates with most existing ladders
  • Turns on automatically when raised and turns off to preserve battery life during storage and transport.

Whether ground ladders are set by other crews or obscured in smoke and darkness, firefighters face increased risks while searching for their way back to the ladder.  From twisted ankles resulting in medical leave to potentially career-ending and fatal roof falls, lighted end caps help firefighters reduce their risk of injury.

  • Array of strobing green LEDs positioned for visibility
  • High-intensity white LED angled downward to illuminate obstacles
  • Die cast aluminum alloy
  • Internal gyroscope detects ladder angle to turn lights on/off automatically
  • 9v battery powers lights at full capacity during 12-hour shift
  • Accessible test button integrates with daily check protocols
  • Designed for easy battery replacement