LION Extended Response Suit (ERS) CBRN Ensemble


LION Extended Response Suit (ERS) CBRN Ensemble

Part Number: LIO-CBERS

The LION ERS is a rapid response certified CBRN ensemble with a Selectively Permeable Fabric (SPF) that is liquid proof, air permeable and breathable — keeping you protected and comfortable.  Because it’s a one-piece coverall w/attached Gore® glove liners and booties, no taping is required, so you’re ready for quick deployment.


  • Protection against NFPA 1994, Class 3 TICs, TIMs & CWAs
  • Perimeter security and control of CBRN environments
  • Clandestine lab entry
  • Medical triage/First receiver for WMD and industrial accident victims
  • Force protection
  • Emergency medical response to infectious disease (e.g. Ebola)
  • Decontamination
  • High strength W.L. Gore® fabric and seams
  • Long shelf life, non-carbon based technology
  • Certified to NFPA 1994, Class 3 standard (2007 Edition)
  • Air-tight zipper keeps both liquid and vapors out
  • Durable GORE® CHEMPAK® Selectively Permeable Fabric provides the wearer with protection against TIC’s, TIM’s and CWA’s below IDLH concentration levels while performing technical and tactical operations
  • Increased mission time and performance due
    to the breathable selectively permeable membrane
  • Eight-hour wear life, if not damaged, exposed or contaminated
  • Sleek, one-piece, lightweight design with attached hood that easily compacts for storage (Available in vacuum sealed packaging)
  • Front-entry design for ease of donning/dof ng. (Allows for Self-donning/dof ng, if necessary)
  • GORE® G9492 inner glove with gray knit/neoprene over glove for maximum tactile feel and dexterity
  • Durable sewn and taped seams provide added con dence
  • Molded face seal that does not require tape and is certi ed for use with multiple CBRN respirators and masks
  • Tapered legs with elasticated cuffs and attached booties for increased functionality and mobility
  • Four adjustable belt loops [2 front/ 2 back] to securely wear a duty belt or a PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) and allow for easy doffing during decontamination
  • Optional reinforced knees/elbows, pockets, reflective striping