LION RedZone Particulate-Blocking Hood

Part Number: 1234

LION’s RedZone Particulate-Blocking Hood protects one of the most vulnerable areas of your body by blocking contaminants from touching your head or neck. Its streamlined, two-layer construction features

StedAir® PREVENT particulate blocker for outstanding contaminant protection, wash after wash. The RedZone hoods also offers exceptional breathability, comfort and mobility. And it doesn’t restrict your hearing during firefighting activities.

    • Certified to meet NFPA 1971, 2018 Edition 
    • Particulate protection throughout 
    • Air-permeable to help manage core temperature and heat stress 
    • Streamlined, two-layer construction for easy movement, flexibility and unobstructed hearing 
    • Ultra-soft, flame-resistant (FR) material for maximum comfort and fire protection 
    • Extreme durability that maintains its particulate-blocking effectiveness even after 100 washes 
    • Universal sizing that comfortably fits all heads 
    • Available in Black/Gray & Tan/Gray