LION SmartDummy™

Part Number: 1234

The SmartDummy™ was built to be a better rescue manikin for a full range of training scenarios. The SmartDummy™ moves, feels and sounds like a real victim for training scenarios including:

  • Building Collapse
  • Vehicle Extrication
  • Confined Space
  • Wall Breach Extrication
  • Entrapment

In addition to the SmartDummy™and Extrication Mannequin, LION’s SmartDummy™ Thermal uses embedded heat emitters combined with innovative heat diffusion technology to accurately recreate a person’s thermal signature. Additionally, rechargeable batteries and strong, abrasion resistant body construction mean the Thermal Manikin is tough enough to endure any training scenario, anywhere your training goes.  This training product challenges firefighters in difficult, low visibility evolutions for Search and Rescue of victims using Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) capabilities (not provided but available).

rescue manikin Smart Dummy


rescue manikin Smart Dummy