LION Smoke Generator SG4000

Part Number: SG4000

The LION SG4000 Smoke Generators continuously produce the best smoke possible for fire and emergency services training. Built on steel chassis with all metal structural components, these smoke generators are made to handle the toughest training demands.  The SG4000 Smoke Generators are ready to run continuously within 4 to 6 minutes so you can spend more time training and less time waiting for your generator to heat up.  Plus, they wirelessly sync with our other training tools to help you create an optimum training environment.

The dual core heater means our generators create endless amounts of smoke so thick and dense you’ll swear there’s a real fire in the building. Continuous smoke production (no cycling) means your training area gets smoked out, and stays smoked out, until you’re worn out.  And because keeping you safe and healthy is our number one priority, our smoke has virtually no traces of toxins or harmful chemicals. You and your trainees can get the most from your training without all the health risks.

  • Supply Voltage: 110–120 V~60Hz 14.5 amps ( 230V~ 60Hz EU model)
  • Power Consumption: Max. 1800W
  • Dimensions: 12.5” × 19.25” × 7.5” (53 × 33 × 26 cm)
  • Weight: 45 lbs. (18.4 kg)
  • Power Cord: 10 ft. (3 × 1 mm², length 5 metres)
  • Tank Capacity: 5 litres/1.25 gallons (LION Water-Based Smoke Liquid). NOTE:  LION Smoke Liquid Product Sheet, Test Study and Safety Data Sheet available upon request.
  • Consumption of Smoke Liquid During Continuous Running: 2.6 litres/hr.
  • Operating Temperature: 30°F to 90°F (-10 °C – 30 °C)
  • Smoke Production: 4000 ft3/min of smoke to zero visibility at 3 ft. (630 m3 /min, Boost and 450 m3/min, Continuous)