LION V-Force Bi-Swing Coat

Part Number: LIO-CVBM

Bi-swing back has inverted pleat in both the outer shell and liner system. It expands as your arms move forward. No tugging or binding at the shoulder. When your arms return to a natural position, the pleat closes so there’s no bunching of material.

  • All the great comfort and mobility features of the standard V-Force® coat.
  • LION Ventilated TrimTM provides a conduit for the release of vapor and guards against the potential hazards of trapped moisture.


V-Force® Coats
Just as NASA technology advancements were transitioned into ground breaking protective clothing improvements in the 1970s, LION Janesville’s V-Force® turnout gear has embraced innovations from today’s military and sports clothing. The result is an intricate set of turnout gear that is designed to flex and bend like the human body.

Maximum Comfort — the Difference is in the Details
The V-Force® Coat is more comfortable than common firefighting coats because it’s cut much different. The seams are not at the shoulders and sides, but at the back. This significantly reduces hem rise when you’re extending your arms. It also prevents SCBA straps from pushing seams into your body and causing discomfort. Fitted side panels provide a more tailored fit and better mobility.

Natural Arm Movement
The contoured raglan sleeves have a natural shaping. This combines with the V-FitTM Elbow to promote free and easy movement. The elbow is made up of cutouts, shaped pieces and darts. This reduces bunching and the overall working weight of the coat.

The elbow reinforcements are notched to give you superior thermal and moisture protection without impeding movement. The coat’s cuffs extend over the back of your hand for additional thermal protection when reaching or pulling.

Reduced Working Weight

No detail has been overlooked. The streamlined storm flap reduces thermal buildup and working weight. The new Comfort Collar and optional throat tab are ergonomically shaped to improve comfort, interface better with other PPE elements and deliver continuous thermal and moisture protection.

It features a smooth one-piece transition at the shell/liner. There are no bulky seams or hook and loop to rub at the back of your neck. The liner attachment is at the top of the collar to allow for a natural break to use the collar effectively in the up or down position.

Multiple pocket options are available for your customization. Please contact us to customize your gear!