LION V-Force Lumbar Pants

Part Number: LIO-PVLM

Advanced Design Delivers Superior Comfort and Mobility.

All V-Force® Pants share the superior V-FitTM Design that reduces bunching of materials in the crotch and delivers the best overall fit of any turnout pants available.


The legs are contoured to match the body and also reduce working weight. The knees are an intricate design of cutouts, shaped pieces and darts to enable free and easy movement. You’ll especially notice this when crawling and bending. Nine inches of Semper DriTM in the lower legs repels water to keep your pants dry and the working weight low.
The elimination of crotch seams reduces tension to give added comfort to your turnout gear. A banded insert runs continuously from the top of the knee of one leg, through the crotch and to the top of the opposite knee. In addition to extending the useful life of your pants, it also provides a more comfortable fit. Increased leg circumference increases mobility.

V-Force® Pants Styles
V-Force® Lumbar Pants — Have a traditional waist and feature the LION Lumbar Support System. This system is integrated into the V-Force® and is orthopedically designed to provide adjustable mechanical support when you’re lifting, bending forward, standing or performing emergency rescues.
Multiple options are available for your customization. Please contact us to customize your gear!