Power Hawk® Rescue Systems P4 Rescue Tool


Power Hawk® Rescue Systems P4 Rescue Tool

Part Number: POW-P4

The POWER HAWK® P4 unites the innovations of POWER HAWK’s aerospace gear technology with RESQTEC’s latest Electronic Direct Drive (EDD) motor and lithium battery technology, resulting in a super compact and self-contained NON-HYDRAULIC battery-powered rescue tool that delivers enormous spreading and cutting power.  Unmatched versatility/power has soared to new heights!

Extremely Powerful and Versatile!  The patented Rotating Powerhead of the P4 enables spreading and cutting in tight spots and around corners.

In other words, places other rescue tools just cannot go!  Immense forces in a completely self-contained battery powered rescue tool

  • High-efficiency and very long battery run times
  • Quick-change Spreader, Cutter and Combi Tool Attachments
  • Rotating Powerhead
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Super Compact. Rapidly deployable
  • Quiet operation
  • Variable speed opening and closing
  • Performs in harsh environments; sand / water / hot / cold / O2-depleted atmospheres
  • Power-Blade “Cross-Over” enables prying from a gap less than 1/4” wide!
  • Change battery packs in seconds!
  • Reversible Tips
  • Quick-Change Attachments:
    • P4w Cutter
    • P4fx Combi
    • Power Blade

The P4 is powered by the latest in Lithium Ion battery technology and conforms to IEC62133 safety standards and the UN 38.3 shipping requirements for lithium batteries. The motor technology leveraged in EDD pro- duces a staggering 1.4kW, similar to a small gasoline engine currently used in hydraulic pumps.