Warm Zone Rescue


PURPOSE:  To provide information and potential product consideration in support of Fire Department and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) actions [with Law Enforcement] during incidents involving violence/terrorism, etc.

BACKGROUND:  Increased incidents involving acts of terrorism/violence/shootings, etc.

(not all inclusive):

  • Columbine High School – San Bernardino
  • Murrah Fed Building, OK – University of Texas
  • Aurora, CO Theater – Virginia Tech
  • Hood, Texas – Washington Shipyard (DC)
  • World Trade Center (I) – Sandy Hook
  • 9/11 (WTC II/Pentagon) – Chattanooga, TN
  • Orlando (Pulse) – Boston Marathon
  • Lackland AFB Annex
  • and…peacetime accidents/incidents

– Currently, most departments (including EMS agencies) are “Staged” outside of Hot/Warm zones during acts of deliberate violence and await the “all clear” or “scene safe” declaration to move-in, initiate patient evacuation and life-saving efforts.

– Time is critical and delays can make a bad situation worse; early patient contact/care is key—hence, “Warm Zone Rescue”.  This is where we can be of assistance:

INITIAITVE:  TSF Equip Co. can assist departments/agencies moving forward by packaging/providing responder support kits, which enables the customers we serve to do what they’re already doing, only at a larger scale:

Mass Casualty (MASCAL) Kits in support of:

  • Airshow Mishap
  • Large Event Incident
  • Deliberate Act of Violence Incident

Proposed Equipment Items (Static Responder Kit – Pre-positioned/Staged on Vehicles/Locations):

  • Large Gear Bags
  • Equipment/PPE-BSI to Treat 30-40 persons
  • Trauma-based (vs. Illness)
  • Pocket Masks/Eye Pro/Gloves/Gowns—BSI Kits
  • Airway Management (Nasals/Chest Seals, etc.)
  • Tourniquets/Heavy Bandages/Dressing/Gauze/Tape/Shears
  • Splints/Wraps/Thermal Protection (Space Blankets)
  • Burn Sheets/Water Jels/
  • Triage (perhaps separate bag?) – Tarps/Flags/Tags/Markers/Glow Sticks

Proposed Equipment Items (Dynamic Responder Kit – Individual/Responder Based):

  • Lightweight/Backpack-based Kit to Treat 3-5 persons
  • Rapid Evacuation to Triage/Cold Zone is concept
  • PPE-BSI already assumed on responder
  • Quiklitter™ or similar lightweight/disposable-compact patient removal device (500lb capacity)
  • Airway Management (Nasals/Chest Seals, etc.)
  • Tourniquets/Rapid Application Bandages/Dressing/Gauze/Tape/Shears (LIMITED)
  • Splints/Wraps/Thermal Protection (Space Blankets) (LIMITED)
  • Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)—similar to Military issued equipment (NOTE: This is important—think of Responder “cut off”, separated for extended periods while awaiting rescue themselves)

INFORMATION ONLY:  Taking it to the next level (integrated “Warm Zone Rescue”, multi-agency response, outside of what responders (FIRE/EMS) already perform, is on those response agencies/departments to hash out and likely involve three (3) things (see NFPA 1500, Chapter 8 (paragraph 8.10 and beyond):

Written agreements/Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) or Direction w/Law Enforcement (LE):

  • This is where some sticking points could occur w/Labor Management, new “core skill”, etc.
  • Authority having Jurisdiction (AHJ)—is it installation Military Police/Security Forces, Municipalities, etc.?

First Responder Training:

  • Goes hand-in-hand w/above agreements/SOP—cannot “jump in” without it
  • Involves Command and Control (C2), Communications, Team/Individual Actions (NOTE: These incidents are almost always a Unified Command structure (Law Enforcement & Fire) for obvious Tactical reasons)
  • Integrates “Other” agencies we may also serve (products):
    • Local EMS, Emergency Management, Bioenvironmental/Safety

First Responder Equipping:

  • Incorporates above proposed listing (We can provide)
  • Adds Ballistic Protection (Vests/Helmets/Eye Pro if not already work)
    • This is where Law Enforcement will likely determine level/type or PPE and the Subject Matter Experts (We may be able to provide)
    • Beneficial for FIRE/Responders for “additional/backup” equipment

Can be joint-venture for funding